Once you have posted a job opening, you can collect candidates through various means:

1. Public Job Page

When you post a job opening as Public or Both, it will have a public job page. To find the URL of the public page:

  1. Under Manager section, click on Jobs → Openings.
  2. Select the job opening whose URL you want to find.
  3. Look for Public URL in the details pane on the right.

The public job page looks like this:

You can share the Public URL through various channels, like, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and LinkedIn. Candidates applying through this page will be available for tracking in SnapHRM. 

2. Internal Job Referral

Employees can also refer candidates through the employee self-service portal:

  1. Under Employee section, click on Jobs → Openings.
  2. Select the job opening for which you want to refer a candidate
  3. Click on Add Candidate button.

3. SnapHRM API

You can also programmatically add candidates to SnapHRM through sources like your website, mobile application, or any other applicant tracking system. For details please refer to Application reference and SnapHRM's API documentation.