In this section, You will be able to record the data of the employees whom you have lent the company's assets. Apart from this, you will be able to access the assets which are functional and Non-functional.

  1. Goto Manager >Assets > New. 
  2. Click on  Description: C:\Users\Froiden\Desktop\documentation of snaphrm\Employees - rinifa.png 
  3. Enter the asset Name you are going to lend to a particular employee.
  4. Enter the asset type For e.g Laptop, car or any other property of Company.
  5. If that particular Asset is having any Serial number. Enter the Serial number.
  6. Enter the particular location of the Asset.
  7. Check the Status box if the Asset is non-functional. 
  8. Click Create.
  9. After creating an Asset you can lend it to any of your employees. Click on any asset you created and then Click on Lend and you can give this asset to any of your employees. 
  10. You can also Edit By Clicking on the edit button.
  11. You can also Delete an Asset by clicking on delete.
  12. If the particular asset is returned then click on Return. Only those assets can be returned which are already lent to any of your employees. Now, this Asset will again be available to lend any of your employees once it is returned.
  13. In the extreme Right, there is an option to sort. By clicking on the status you can sort by Available, lent and Non-functional.