Here you can make a template of your letters which you want to generate like Joining Letter, Increment letter, Offer letter and many more. We have already made many templates. Follow the below steps to make templates.

  1. Under the Manager section in the side menu, click on Letters.
  2. Click on Template.
  3. We have already given some templates in this category. But still, if you want to add more follow these steps.
  4. Click on  Description: C:\Users\Froiden\Desktop\documentation of snaphrm\Employees - rinifa.png    .
  5. Fill the letter Details.
  6. In the description box, Describe the letter using the variables given below.
  7. Tap on Create, and your template will be Created.
  8. You can also see the Preview of the template on the right side of the panel.
  9. You can also Print and Download letters. You can see the option on the extreme right on the top of the Preview.