An expense is the cost of operations that a company incurs to generate revenue. 

  1. Goto Manager > Expenses.
  2. Click on View Expenses.
  3. Click on  Description: C:\Users\Froiden\Desktop\documentation of snaphrm\Employees - rinifa.png    .
  4. Click on the title and write the title of your expenses.
  5. Click on Category and select the category of your expenses.
  6. In description box, explain about your expenses.
  7. Scroll Down and  Go to Expense details and Fill the information.
  8. Enter the Amount under Expense Details
  9. Enter the bill date, if you have bill for that particular expense.
  10. You can also upload the receipt of the particular expense.
  11. Select the payment method and Merchant.
  12. Tap on create and your Expense is created.


  1. You can add the category of your expenses by following this process Setting>Expense Categories>New.
  2. Adding categories is further explained in settings.
  3. Title, category and amount are the Required fields to add the Expense.