A list of a company's employees and the amount of money they are to be paid. 

  1. Goto Manager > Payroll > Manage.
  2. Click on Generate.
  3. All of your employee's Payroll will be generated(Note:-Your employees will not see their Payroll until and unless you have "Reviewed" or "Locked" it.)
  4. You Can also Regenerate the payroll for the same month again Click on Regenerate.
  5. To Check or Change the Status of your employee. Click on Status. You can also change the status of payroll for every employee individually. 
  7. The status can be Generated, Review, Locked and paid.
Payroll is visible only to managers. Use when you have to make changes to payroll, like, adding bonus, deductions.

Payroll is visible to respective employees for review. Use when you have finalized payroll and may want to be reviewed by employees.

Payroll is final and You do not want employees to ask for further changes.

Payroll is final and has been paid to employees.

8. You can Edit your Employees Salary By clicking on Edit. You can edit the employee's salary individually.

9. You Can Delete your Employees Salary By clicking on Delete. You can delete the employee's salary individually.

10. You can also Download the payroll of every Employee By clicking on this.