In this section, you can manage settings related to attendance module.

  1. Goto Manager >Settings >Attendance. 
  2. Click on Office Start Time and set the time.
  3. Click on Office End Time and set the time.
  4. Click on Leaves Start Month and set the Month. This is the month from where all the leaves will be renewed of your employee.
  5. Scroll Down and go to Clock in Settings.
  6. Click on Employee self Clock-In/Clock-Out and set whether the employee can clock in by themselves or not. If you have selected Allow, they will be allowed to Clock-in themselves via mobile app or self-service portal.
  7. Add Late mark timing. If you have mentioned 5 min, then the employees will be marked late if they Clock-in after 5 min of Office Start Time.
  8. Click on Clock In Reminder i.e You can  set whether to remind the employee about the clock in time.
  9.  If you have selected yes in  Clock In Reminder then you have to enter the  Clock In Reminder Time and set when to remind the employee about the clock in time. They will receive a notification reminder.
  10. Click on Overtime Pay on Holiday and set whether to pay the employee if your Employees have worked on holidays.
  11. Click on Allowed IP Addresses and set the particular IP Addresses from where the employee can Clock in. 
  12. After filling all the information’s click on Save.